In to every life a meltdown must come

reggae band
Great band at Bob Marley’s on Orlando Florida

I had an amazing weekend. I had the opportunity to go to a political conference in Orlando and meet some incredible people as well as see some of my closest friends in the conservative movement.  I had the chance to do interviews with a lot of the movers and shakers of politics both on the media side and congressional side.  I think my favorite was speaking with David Horowitz who is the President of hisFreedom Center and has continuously fought for conservative values within the world of academia.   Something sorely lacking.

The last evening I was there, my friend I was staying with and I got all gussied up, do people still say gussied up? I sound like I’m in a John Wayne movie.  Anyway, we left to go enjoy dinner some where and she had invited some of these so called big name “movers and shakers” to come along with us.  She had been speaking on and off with one in particular so be it.  As long as I was headed for food, a cocktail and a good time I was on board.  There was a lot of odd running around in order to meet up with the people she had planned to meet up with.  We finally ended up where the “important” people were.  And while standing outside of the restaurant she receives a text.  There is room for one person and whomever she was with wasn’t welcomed.

Now, there’s some back story here I’ll avoid because, drama. And it’s stupid. I’ve put up with it from certain people in particular for a couple years now, so whaa. The last thing I’m going to do is go hang out with them. Who was also at the “important people” place.

Now, what would you do?

If you had plans with a friend. The two of you came together.  You are expecting people to come and join the two of you if they want, if not, too bad for them, but suddenly these people decide to  exclude your friend.  If it were me, I would immediately utter something about how they could bite my backside and mosey along. Dammit, John Wayne stuff again.

That wasn’t the case. I was about to find myself all dressed up in a town far from home, all alone because I guess character isn’t a big thing these days. Or at that moment I didn’t think it was.   All of a sudden I was back in 7th grade on the basketball team but uh oh. We are short one jersey so someone has to be cut.  Wouldn’t you love a friend that would say, if she’s not on the team, then neither am I.

Yeah, didn’t happen.

She said she wanted to go in, I wasn’t about to deny her that. I said fine, if that’s what you want, then have at it.

BUT, this IS what happened.

One of my closest friends who had been over at another hotel shows up at this touristy little area of bars and restaurants at probably exactly the right moment.  He said he could see the meltdown happening from 30 feet away and was almost ready to run the other way.  But he didn’t.

So there we are sitting at a Margarita bar and I happily have margarita in hand with tears running down my cheeks in what I called “full on fu** mess” as I described it at the moment somehow laughing about it at the exact moment I’m crying about it. The bartender was hilarious.  I would have given anything to have taken a pic of his face. He knew better than to stop making me margaritas.  And then my poor dear friend having to sit there and was doing so happily was pretty much not going to tell me no over anything.

And can we please just praise God for waterproof makeup?  I may have been a hot mess but at least I didn’t entirely look like it.

We also ran into another conservative writer friend whom I absolutely adore at the margarita place and decided to go to another bar.  As we left and we are trekking around and I spot a reggae bar. I have no idea why but reggae right now is my thing. I LOVE it.  So I drag my Harley-biker friend along who, again, wasn’t about to deny me anything.  I think I scared him.

But I have to say, I don’t think I’ve had a better time in my life.  There was this amazing live reggae band.   The drinks kept coming and I was in utter bliss. I was with great friends. I was having an amazing time.  And nothing else really mattered. Not politics. Not getting ahead in my career.  Not networking with the right people. Every single person in that room was the right person at that moment. Even the ones in the Trayvon Martin t-shirts.   So then I decide to go and dance and I asked this 6’4 black guy if he’d dance with me.

He replies,”I don’t really dance well.”  So, I pick the one black guy that can’t dance but I looked at him straight in the eyes, not about to take no for an answer and said, “I have just had one of the worst nights of my life and if you say no I’m pretty sure I’m going to die.”  Yep, I was guilting the giant man in to dancing with me. Which he did along with my girlfriend who was with us and it was so fun. And yes, he actually really sucked at dancing.  It didn’t matter.

Everything was in perspective. Even 6 drinks in to the night.

There are people who truly matter and it’s not always the one’s we think that do.  We get wrapped up in to thinking that other people hold the power to our success and we label them “important”. But it’s not true.   They don’t hold the power to our lives. God does.

And the truly important movers and shakers in my life were the ones standing right beside me letting me have my crying meltdown and holding my hand all the way.  Laughing when I laughed, giving me a gazillion compliments and pep talks and encouraging words when I cried.

As it turned out, one of the worst nights in my life was one of the best nights of my life.

And there’s also an old saying that I think is being lost in our generation that needs to be remembered.  You dance with the one who brung you. And yes I’m just speaking in full-on Chisum now but it’s true.  You stand by the ones you are with because it’s the right thing to do.  And if you don’t, I think it’s more than just fine you mosey along off into the sunset because the people who really matter are the ones standing beside you.

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