Mr. and Mrs. Rocknroll
Mr. and Mrs. Rocknroll

Gather around the water cooler kids, this is too much fun.

Kate Winslet the beloved darling of doomed ship’s destinies has married for the third time. In no way am I criticizing her choice to marry a third time.  More power to her.  It was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who once said you marry the first time for status, the second time for money and the third time for love.

So I wish the newly weds God speed and a long and happy life together.

What I do find so enjoyable is Ms. Winslet has now become Mrs. RocknRoll.  She married in a secret ceremony in New York state sometime within the past few weeks to one Ned RockNRoll.

The beautiful 37-year old actress married Ned Rocknroll who just happens to be the nephew of Sir Richard Branson and works for the space travel divsion of  Branson’s Virgin Empire.

Can imagine it now, “Hey Mom and Dad. I’m getting married to a guy named RocknRoll and he works in space travel. No…really.”

There’s actually a little bit of talk that the pair didn’t inform their parents of the ceremony at all and that it was just an intimate gathering of a few friends.  It is also rumored that her Titanic co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, walked her down the aisle.

Winslet married Skyfall director Sam Mendes in 2003 and the pair separated in March of 2010 with the divorce being final a year later. She was briefly married before Mendes to Jim Threapleton but the marriage only lasted 3 years.

Kate Winslet and Rufus Sewell in The Holiday (2006)
Kate Winslet and Rufus Sewell in The Holiday (2006)

Another fun little tidbit of Kate’s life is the actor she gave the whole “gumption” speech to in The Holiday, Rufus Sewell, dated back in 1995 for a few months. The were reunited when they started together in that movie a decade later.

I wish her luck. I really do. I hope third time’s a charm for her. And it could have been worse. She could have met and married a guy named Mr. Asstatstic.