I recently downloaded a ‘new’ song. I loved it so much I’ve played it over and over and over ad nauseum. Wanting to share my good fortune I text my daughter and said, omg, I love this song so much you have to download it. She text back with, yeah, I downloaded it months ago, great song. 

I promise you it doesn’t matter what it is, I am late to the party, ALWAYS.

So within the realm of “healthy eating”, there is a craze called Inspiralized. 

You take this gadget and you shred vegetables and make an array of recipes to help replace things like pasta which enjoys hiding somewhere around my ass. Now, I’ve been making my zucchini pasta for quite some time. I’ve used a cheese shredder to do so. But that is as far as I’ve gotten with it. It wasn’t until my facebook friend Becky commented on my instagram page with the inpiralized hashtag. IT’S THIS WHOLE ENTIRE COMMUNITY!

IMG_6097Debbie, my close friend, who just recently also changed her diet for the healthier sent me this great pic with her spiraling gadget and some zucchini pasta.  But what I didn’t realize is how much you can do with this little device of awesomeness.

Today I found a website called, you guessed it, Inspiralized.com.  I can guarantee you the same people who started that website also downloaded that song I just discovered, like a year ago.  It’s obviously been around for a while. Yes, I’m late to the party but in case any of you are like me, and you want to know more, take a look.  You can also follow it on Pinterest and Instagram.  Pop in the hashtag and voila. A bazillion new recipes for you to try so you too can eat healthier.

I can’t believe the difference in my body in such a short amount of time. The second I hit 40 everything changed. My stellar metabolism laughed at me in the face and said, oh yeah, watch THIS!  I’ve been trying to reverse the trend for over a year now. Nothing, nothing, nothing worked. Not working out more. Not this and that diet. It’s when I cut out chemicals and things that cause blood sugar spikes that things began to change.  My sister who has been battling cancer a third time has also just started trying to change her diet. I’m so proud of her and it gives me even more motivation to continue down this healthy path. I don’t feel like I’m being denied food. Especially when I make vegetables that taste and feel like pasta.  I can’t wait to try these recipes. If you know of other sites please share with the Betty community in the comments.

Before you know it WE’LL ALL BE BETTIES!!

Here’s a little sample from the website. Can I get a yum? Followed by an Amen!

Click the title or the photo for the recipe.