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The Circle of Life

A few thoughts on how some things can come back around into your life.

First of all, I never liked The Lion King.  I’m not big on movies with animated animals with whom I’ve formed an emotional bond TO DIE! Just once I’d like to watch a Disney movie where no parent is dead. And to go one freaking day without seeing a Kardashian naked in my Twitter stream. But that’s another blog.

I’m beginning to find this whole ‘circle of life’ thing applies in so many other ways.  Some things really do come full circle.

Never mind the fact I’m living in Texas again after growing up here and it’s now three decades later. Then there’s the fact I’m madly in love with the guy who sat behind me in 11th grade English class. Didn’t see that one coming. He was only stranded on 2nd base for 30 years. I like to think I was worth the wait.

But I’ll never forget the time when I first went off to college. Originally I went on a dance scholarship.  Yes, I know. But at the time it was my heart and my talent. I spent anywhere from 12 to 14 hours a day in ballet, modern, and/or jazz classes all the while attempting to tackle college algebra and oh, creative writing. Writing had the last laugh.

One day as I was lollygagging down this long stretch of corridor that housed all of the dance studios I heard this song. It sounded like God’s breath dancing in the air to me. It was so beautiful. I’ve always had a thing for violins and it was so captivating. It burned in my memory but I failed short of finding the room from which it was emanating before it came to an end.

A short few years later, I was a young 20-something living in downtown Chicago. Since I lived downtown, I only took the “L” to get around, which is the “elevated” train system in Chi-town.

It’s not ALL elevated, however. There has to be somewhere to mug people in Chicago. And the tunnels for the “L” are the prime place for it. One typical day while I was trying to escape with my life while catching the train, I came across a string quartet playing in the bowels of the city for a pittance.  To my surprise, it was the same song I had heard playing in the hidden halls of my college that had alluded me those years before.

This time, I waited for them to finish playing, each passing moment increasing my risk of getting shanked, and I asked them.

Ok, you’re gonna laugh at me when I tell you what it is. Because it’s been played at every wedding ever! EVER!

It was Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

And to me it was heaven. Although Beethoven’s 9th is still my all-time favorite, I do adore the beautiful magic of Canon in D. I appreciate the fact that I heard it in its pure form away from pomp, circumstance, and drunk bridesmaids.

Just a couple of days ago I was getting ready before we were about to venture over to my “high school” boyfriend’s family’s house to celebrate Christmas. I was bringing my two teenagers with me. And as I dabbed on the much-needed concealer to hide the years under my eyes, all of a sudden, I heard it.

That same sound I heard when I was just an 18-year-old and then again as a 20-something. But this time, it wasn’t a stranger playing it, but instead, it was coming from my daughter’s hand.  The breath of God was coming from my own 17-year-old.

When my daughter was in 8th grade she asked for a violin for Christmas. She got it and within 6 months she had auditioned and made it into an Arts High School. She has the gift of music. And it doesn’t stop there.  Her writing runs circles around mine. Again, that’s another blog.

But I loved thinking back to that time when I was in college, never knowing that all these years later I’d be hearing it in my own house from my own flesh and blood.

It’s just funny how life comes full circle. There are so many things that change in our lives. I’ve changed.

Some things go away forever, and then you learn they are meant to.

But some things remain the same. They just go away for a while and then they come back in a splendid new way.

What a beautiful thing it is, when they come back, full circle.

Now I’ll leave you with this. Apparently, my daughter takes requests. She learned to play Back to Black by Amy Winehouse….Mushu was there for moral support.

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