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You and your Infinite Choices

A few thoughts on when you believe you have no options in your life.

Have you ever said the words, “I have no choice?”

I can’t even believe how many times I felt that way. Or how many times I’ve actually said it. It’s so easy to get all sucked into that scarcity thinking mentality. Scarcity thinking has fear at its core and fear is one of the biggest creativity killers I’ve ever experienced.  When we freak out or worry, or get depressed,  we move into creativity shut down mode.  Then we can’t even envision any other options.  

But your options are beyond limitless.

Like my son always tells me, I love you to the moon and back…times infinity.  It’s the exact same way with choices, but sometimes we just can’t imagine it.

There was a brief stint I worked for the Walt Disney World Company. It had been a dream of mine to work for them ever since I was 17. I never made my way there until well into adulthood, as in two kids and one divorce later adulthood, when I found out we were all relocating to Orlando and I immediately applied for their travel company since I had been in that business.  They hired me immediately and even cooler, they put me in their “Worldphile” group for those of us who were experts in Walt Disney World knowledge.

So that way when people called in to make reservations, if they had traveled to Disney World a lot, they would pass them on to agents, who quite frankly put, knew their shit.

The training took over two months just to learn their procedures and computer systems.  And I’ll never forget the day we went “live” in our classroom to practice. It was a class of approximately 30 people.  So we all sat there ready, had our headsets on and nimble fingers lining the keyboards, then they opened the flood gates and the calls came pouring in.  You never hung up your phone.  You never touched the phone at all as a matter of fact.  The second call ended another call was immediately in your ear.

I was in utter shock.  Where were all these people coming from? Well, technically, all over the world.  But every call I got was in the U.S.  I just kept thinking, I can’t believe how many people are coming to Disney.  Even though I likely only spoke to about 10 people that day.  And in a classroom of 30, it made about 300 calls.  Which when you think about it isn’t that much.

So to put it in even more perspective, when we first walked to the main floor of the reservations department, it was an utter sea of agents.  And on a large lit-up board on the wall, showed how many people were waiting in queue to speak with an agent.

Over 17 million people visit Disney World each year.  That always was just a number until I had the small little chance to “feel” what that number was like.  It was a bottomless well of people.  It’s what infinite, felt like.

Sometimes with choices, we “feel” like they are very limited, but it is a fallacy.  It’s simply not true.  We have a wealth of choices but when we can’t see it or feel it we tend to believe only that which is directly in front of us.

Some of the finite thinking are things like, there’s no one to date.  Or, there’s never enough money.  Or, I’ll never be able to achieve _________ fill in the blank.  God is the limitless resource right at your fingertips.  He can and will bring about all the resources and strength you’ll need when you finally stop freaking out and open your mind to the infinite possibilities.

And one of the most difficult things to do is to go ahead and act on that infinite mindset even when you can’t see it or feel it. It’s amazing how the Universe will respond in kind to your faith and action.

So no more excuses.  You can actually have what you want and desire, you just have to have the faith and fortitude to believe in your infinite possibilities.

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